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Welcome to BeeBB, a bulletin board platform, written in Python. It is released under the BSD Licence, and its main features and priorities are:


This is a small TODO list. Many more features will be added in time, but the following have been scheduled to be implemented in the very near future.

LaTeX (BeeTeX)
This will actually be a side project. BeeTeX is a server on which you connect and send LaTeX queries. The server responds with an image file, containing the output of LaTeX. It uses ImageMagick, and (of course) LaTeX.
Email addresses (or regexp's) that are not allowed to register
Searching posts for strings, or showing posts of some users, etc.
Ok, you know what polls are.


BeeBB has only been tested on OpenBSD, but it should work on any platform with the above requirements installed.

Latest (beta) version

The latest version is BeeBB-CURRENT, which works and is constantly evolving, but possibly has many bugs and it is not ready for production use. Always use the latest version of BeeBB together with the latest version of thief_grr python libs, or you may have all kinds of problems. Check the date below to see when it was last modified.

BeeBB last updated: Nov 18, 2005

Feel free to make any comments and/or changes on the program, and let me know about them if you like. I will be developing this project again on October. I have to take a break for a while. Enjoy the possibly buggy, unstable version!


The development is very active, and minor changes are constantly made to the application. Each time one is made, I update the .tar.gz file.



Please, excuse the website and the total lack of documentation (there's always the source, which isn't far away from it when you code in Python), but I am quite out of time nowadays. Things will get better soon!


#BeeBB at


BeeBB is developped by me (Thanos Tsouanas). For more information about me, you can check my personal website.


BeeBB is released under the BSD License, which can be found on the LICENSE file that comes with it. There is no warranty about anything regarding BeeBB. Use at your own risk.

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